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Berlin, Germany


Sagan’s universe is a reflection of the past and a window into the future. Her history as a selector goes back to a very early age when she tinkered with the cassette player at home so she could listen over and over again to the gems her parents loved to collect. Becoming a DJ was an inevitable consequence of a series of fortunate incidents. After leaving her studies as a biologist to dedicate herself entirely to music, Sagan moved to Berlin and decided to make the city her source of constant inspiration.

From a selection completely stripped of the idea of liking and simply guided by instinct and 30 years of endless searching driven by a strong desire to find the answers to the unknown, she rather stays light on her feet, constantly shifting and changing her approach. She decides not to pigeonhole herself under any particular style. Her philosophy is to always take the very best of everything, weaving sounds together in new and inventive ways to create eclectic sets.

Ranging from 80's Punk fueled by raw drums to Disco where syncopated basses take over, Sagan does not hesitate to flirt with electro, acid, dance, house, techno, synth-wave, left-field, and an endless number of styles of music beyond the limitations of genres.

With intrigue for the undiscovered, hunger for knowledge, love for music and an engine fueled by curiosity, her main goal is to break the limits of the obvious and the predictable, create conceptual atmospheres without losing the main focus of playing with minds, and still make everyone dance.

About Sagan

  • How was your introduction to electronic music?

    I’ve always been curious about electronic music, but the time when it really touched my soul was when I was residing in Ibiza in 2015. I would go to clubs very often (around three times a week maybe), not knowing any name or who was going to play that night. Seriously, I had no idea of anything about electronic music and its sub-genres, but I loved that sensation of being surprised every night, whether in a good or bad way. Ajnd when it was in a good way, I couldn't believe what I was listening to. My whole brain was in shock. I remember going by myself to the club with the same mindset as going to a punk concert. Then if I liked what I was hearing, I would start asking people around me about the person playing, and the whole night was about to be standing with my phone using Shazam and collecting the tracks that I liked before becoming a DJ.

  • Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

    My biggest inspiration is the vastness of music. I like that it is infinite, there is no end, and I will be forever surprised. Every day I wake up thinking about music, what I'm going to listen to, what new stories I’m going to read, what new names I'm going to learn, what new sounds I'm going to find, and what new records I’m going to buy. The more I search, the more I realize how little I know, which keeps me excited and motivated.

  • We all know the negative sides of COVID-19 to the music industry, but what are the positive sides you are getting out of it in life and music?

    Luckily, I'm one of the privileged people who can take positive things out of this situation, although it is not always easy. For me, it was all about realizing that time is short and we don't know what is going to happen in the future. So I want to live my life to the fullest, doing what I love to do the most and take it to the limit. I'm focused on doing what I want to do (as much as I can) and getting better at it. Because right now, the only certain thing is that we actually don't have any certainty. So why would I care about something else than music if it's the thing that makes me happy the most? Tomorrow the world could explode, and I would die trying to live the life I wanted to create.

  • What are the biggest obstacles you find as a DJ/producer based in Berlin?

    Berlin is known for being the perfect place if you are an artist, especially a musician. Being a DJ in a place full of DJs can be tricky. But I don't find it as a problem but as a challenge. It keeps me growing, developing, and becoming better in what I do and separating myself from what other people are doing. I do not follow any charts, any trends, or the status quo itself. I just enjoy a lot searching and collecting music that, throughout the years, I know it is going to make me unique and special, differentiating myself from what other people do and transcend. That's where I find that I'm not like anybody else, even though, of course, I have my mentors and artists that I admire, but they are just there to show me the example of who I want to be, who I don't, and what things I do want to take as my own. Then, of course, the technique is essential, but as Andrew Weatherall said, “strive for selection, not perfection”.

  • Tell us about your future projects, is there something exciting to come?

    Well, I'm going to the studio every week, recording and producing what I hope will be my first EP. I'm super inspired, even dreaming about melodies and beats at night. But I don't want to put pressure on it to be my first release. Let's say that at this moment, I'm enjoying jamming and absorbing knowledge from all the musician friends around me.

  • Photo of Sagan
  • Photo of Sagan