A community for you to learn, teach and together create.

About Us

We are a Brazilian born, international community that shares the same passion for electronic music. Anacã is here to bring a new concept of events, round tables and get togethers to support and connect artists worldwide. Inspired by the values of love, we decided to create a new world, where sharing is indeed caring.

Get togethers

We are creating a space for DJs and producers to learn, teach and together create.
Each participant is contributing in their unique way. The goal is to learn from what others have to offer.


Livestreams have been a helpful tool, not only for artists but also for their audience during these challenging times. We are working on a new live stream format that we plan to provide to our community from our Berlin headquarters.


Promoting the artists growing in our get togethers and bringing the Brazilian culture to the world, we will focus on experiences created to enhance all of your senses. Maybe you end up in a Brazilian wonderland full of goodies ... or meditating in a deep forest. Focus on collaboration, this is the place for you to show the world your talent, ideas and passions!

Helping Hands

Anacã deeply believes that music can change the world, and for that to happen, we started the project “Helping Hands.” Through our fundraising campaigns, our mission is to provide basic care, knowledge and generate job opportunities.

Projects we support:

Água Camelo is a social-impact tech company that provides access to a safe source of clean water for people in vulnerable situations. They created a backpack that holds up to 15L to collect, transport, store, and filter the water inside the homes of those in need. Most Brazilians who don't have access to clean water usually have to walk km(s) to access some water. We want to change this scenario!

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If you believe music is a powerful tool that’s been created thousands of years ago so we could connect, then you are on the right place. Music has no color, nationality or gender! We are all together on this. Please contact us if you would like to join the tribe.