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London, United Kingdom


Estonian born, Ilona aka LICA has enjoyed a rapid ascent through the Electronic music scene with her energetic and mesmerising sound inspired by a spectrum of genres and diversity of tempo.
Touching the decks for the first time 10 years ago in her home country, LICA became well-known on the Drum’n’Bass underground music scene orchestrating events and projects.

Today LICA graces the decks as a well established Indie Dance, Melodic House DJ and has gained international reach being London based.

Enjoying playing all over from Italy, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon & Israel in the Mediterranean, to South America in Brazil; featuring in festivals such as Burning Man (USA) and We Are Festival (UK) amongst highly respected underground music artists.

About Lica

  • When and why did you enter the music industry?

    I entered the music industry around 2009, when listening to music and dancing to it wasn't enough anymore. I needed more. So I started collecting vinyls of all my favourite tracks and everyday I would practise DJing. Everything then happened so quickly as if it was meant to be.

  • Who inspires you and why?

    Inspiration comes from different angles, but mostly from my feelings. It could be a universal feeling like an observation of life situation. I start writing and bring meaning to it.

  • The number of female DJ’s are growing exponentially. What do you think is changing in your career because of female inclusion?

    I think it's great in every aspect. Music constantly needs new creative minds. No matter male or female, we all have a place, and with full focus and devotion it will always be noticed and appreciated.

  • What goes on your mind when you are preparing a set for a crowd? Is there a process you go through?

    I never prepare a set as such. I have a very good knowledge of my library, so I normally choose first 2 tracks to start with and from there it just flows. It all depends on the moment for me, the synergy with the crowd. Everytime I go to my gig its like a new adventure, I dont know what to expect from it.

  • What advice would you give to aspiring females arriving now in the industry?

    Work on your skills constantly. Don't be afraid of experimenting with new sounds and genres. Explore and take time to find yourself.

  • Photo of Lica
  • Photo of Lica