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Berlin, Germany


A late night juggernaut responsible for the proliferation of techno in Bangkok, Dan Buri is connecting the dots between his two worlds.

His German upbringing reverberates in the brooding yet melodic soundscapes that he plays but his Thai roots lend him a more lighthearted and the “sabai sabai” approach to everything that he does. In fact, whether he’s playing deep and melodic techno or organic house, his legacy in the city is defined by his high-octane performances and an unparalleled ability to engage and connect with the crowd. Notorious for pushing boundaries into nonexistence, Dan has crafted a career out of fusing together his many worlds in seamless and syncopated harmony.

Career defining moments come from sharing stages with artists like Sven Väth, Dubfire, Joris Voorn, M.A.N.D.Y, Booka Shade and Azari & III, as well as laying some of the world’s most revered clubs like Katerblau, Tresor, Sisyphos, Time and Kyo. But regardless of where you find him, you will find his dance floor moving, bruising and sweating. Fired by passion and fueled by boundless energy, Dan exudes positive vibes and the mark he’s left on Bangkok’s underground music scene is both impactful and infectious.

Finding that his production prowess had gone to the next level after linking with Bla Bla Music founder Daniel Sanchez, Dan found inspiration in Bangkok’s relentless afterhours affairs and finally breathed life into his own imprint. Aptly named Neverest Records, Dan has been questing tirelessly to create a family amongst Asia’s DJs and producers and build for the region a platform for sharing and connecting, not just within Asia but also with the world – always spreading the after party ethos upon which Neverest was built.

Year 2019 has been looking great for him, landing releases on the legendary Bar 25 Music Label and even the highly acclaimed label of Shir Kahn’s - Exploited Ghetto. 2020 - the year of Corona, has been forcing him to spend more time in his studio and push his creative output! With releases on Akbal Music, Bosom Records and KDB Records he has proven that he is an artist to look out for! The future is looking bright for Dan and every music lover should keep their eyes on Dan’s next steps and his musical evolution.

About Dan

  • When and why did you enter the music industry?

    I entered the music industry in 2004 starting out as a rapper in a hip hop crew called WCR in my hometown Duisburg. As I grew up without my biological mother and therefore had a problematic childhood, I began to write lyrics to create a channel to process my emotions, my anger and my thoughts of how life is, and life could be. But after a while I realised that the hip hop industry, is getting more and more superficial, those who pretend to be the real gangsters, but in reality had a good upbringing, were dominating the market, as they had money for better productions. Thats when a night out in a techno club in 2007 changed my perception about music. Electronic music was something totally new to me. It has less to no lyrics, but to understand the music, you have to interpret the sounds and their elements. It has a deeper meaning to me, than lyrics, which tell you what to feel. That sparked the fire for electronic music, and the rest is history.

  • Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

    As I mentioned previously, I was listening to a lot of hip hop, soul and R n B. It was people like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Tupac, BIGGIE, Gang Starr and Master Ace ( just to name a few ) who really caught me with their flows and lyrics. But then once I turned to electronic music I remember watching the Time Warp set of Richie Hawtin from 2005 and I was hooked by his skills and amazing sound with the surreal visual show. Very inspiring indeed. ( )

  • We all know the negative sides of COVID-19 to the music industry, but what are the positive sides you are getting out of it in life and music?

    Coming from a 12 Year Career as a DJ, Producer and Event Organizer in Thailand, It was not very easy for me to find a spot here in the Berlin scene. I arrived in September 2019 and had a few gigs here and there, but to get attention from promoters here was pretty difficult due to a very saturated market and COVID a few months after. I am lucky that I have good friends, who really tried to help me to get my name out here. I had to fight with anxiety, insecurities and lack of self confidence, cause all of a sudden I am a nobody. It took a lot of strength to get pass that emotional hole. In Thailand I was playing 2 - 3 gigs a week, and I was lucky that I played 2 - 3 gigs a month in Berlin. When COVID struck, I was pretty lucky that I had already got myself a part time job, so I could keep myself afloat financially. This also brought me back to a more structured lifestyle, I got more healthy due not having big nights out and I learned again how it feels to be some kind of “normal“! COVID gave me a reset and I had time to think about how I want to proceed with my future, what and who is really important to me! Every negative situation can bring something positive with it, and we always have to keep in mind, that we should be grateful, that we are safe, healthy and have a roof over our head. Besides of that I had a lot of studio time and I am trying to be more comfortable with new directions that I love to create. Having a studio with some great people helps me a lot with my creativity and I am thankful to have this opportunity in Berlin, which I was missing in my time over in Bangkok.

  • Do you think your music has changed during a lockdown?

    During lockdown I had time to experiment and collaborate with a few great musicians, artists and singers. The outcome was phenomenal and I am continuously pushing to invent myself over and over again. I think I found my identity, but always make some micro changes according to my current mood. It can be a melodic house banger but also love some ethereal downtempo. My range is quite broad, and I never stick with just one genre. But in each track you can hear both of my worlds, the more ethno Thai elements, and the electronic German sounds.

  • What would be an ideal scenario for you this year?

    There is nothing better than seeing the culture rising up again in the near future! We are on the right path, and I think everybody deserves to have a first big dance once we are able to be wild and free again. Spread the love, be united!

  • Photo of Dan
  • Photo of Dan