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Ben Tov

Cape Town, South Africa


Not one to pigeonhole himself into one style, Ben Tov traverses the BPM's and moods, and focuses on telling a story through progression with his melodic, sets and productions. Ben Tov can be regularly found locked away in his studio, jamming together ideas and carving out his deep signature analog synth-lines and grooves for his next upcoming release. With a slew of releases already under his belt, and constant releases on labels such as Katz and Kautz and Deeplomatic. His latest release on Harabe Recordings Nightmares compiled by Elif hit the Beatport charts.

About Ben Tov

  • When and why did you enter the music industry?

    I entered the music industry to get laid more often, lots of drugs and roll with the rock! Only joking… I have always had a passion for music since I was young. Started playing the Violin at a young age and played the drums in high school. Back then I wasn't really involved in music, until when I was about 23. I decided to get back into it and started studying electronic music production. I would say that I first entered around the age of 27 which is quite late. As a DJ, my first gigs were at Evita which was a well known Gay Dance bar.

  • Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

    Well actually in the beginning of production, I was very inspired by Deadmau5 but as I got more into Dj’ing and producing I discovered a lot of really good artists, there are just too many to start listing them!

  • We all know the negative sides of COVID-19 to the music industry, but what are the positive sides you are getting out of it in life and music?

    3. Well, it got me thinking I actually did play some gigs when the restrictions said we could do 50 and 100 so I would throw small parties and I have been doing some small gigs but it is nothing like it used to be back in the days :). The positive thing I got out of this, was I started thinking of other things to do. Im actually learning web development and I am about to finish a very intense bootcamp.

  • Do you think your music has changed during a lockdown?

    Yes, definitely. In my next release in June there is more retro and 80s influence! I actually really like this sound not because it is trendy but I really like the synths and melodic baselines that I now incorporate in my music.

  • What would be an ideal scenario for you this year?

    The ideal scenario would be that we stop living in fear and that corona will die and everything will come back to normal and to find true love its not easy when you are a DJ :).

  • Photo of Ben Tov
  • Photo of Ben Tov