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  • Lica

    London, United Kingdom

    Estonian born, Ilona aka LICA has enjoyed a rapid ascent through the Electronic music scene with her energetic and mesmerising sound inspired by a spectrum of genres and diversity of tempo. Touching the decks for the first time 10 years ago in her home country, LICA became well-known on the Drum’n’Bass underground music scene orchestrating events and projects.

  • Ana

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Ana fell under the spell of house music at a young age through her father, a music enthusiast. The Brazilian artist started her career in 2016 and captivated the music scene with her performance, versatile sound and dazzling the club and fashion circuit in Brazil. Ana worked as a model for ten years, but with time, the young artist collected experience all over the world, getting to know different cultures, impacting her identity. Those years contributed to her knowledge in music, becoming a DJ with good references and a strong personality.

  • Marvin Jam

    Berlin, Germany

    What the world means to Marvin Jam may be compared to a child in a candy shop.

    Marvin performs his outstanding, groovy sound and sets in combination with his excellent singing. Enjoying and enhancing many clubs and festivals like Sisyphos, Kater, Fusion or Feel Festival with his funkband, he began to join and support different DJs, so as well Live-Acts.

    Today he’s creating tracks on his own or in cooperation with different producers. Emancipating himself to a solo-artist and as a DJ, his incredible tunes create an unique sound including different genres and of course featured by his lovely voice. And if there’s one clean sign, is that this Dude got Taste & Style.

  • Sagan

    Berlin, Germany

    Sagan’s universe is a reflection of the past and a window into the future. Ranging from 80's Punk fueled by raw drums to Disco where syncopated basses take over, Sagan does not hesitate to flirt with electro, acid, dance, house, techno, synth-wave, left-field, and an endless number of styles of music beyond the limitations of genres. With intrigue for the undiscovered, hunger for knowledge, love for music and an engine fueled by curiosity, her main goal is to break the limits of the obvious and the predictable, create conceptual atmospheres without losing the main focus of playing with minds, and still make everyone dance.

  • Dan

    Berlin, Germany

    Dan Buri is connecting the dots between his two worlds. His German upbringing reverberates in the brooding yet melodic soundscapes that he plays but his Thai roots lend him a more lighthearted and the “sabai sabai” approach to everything that he does. In fact, whether he’s playing deep and melodic techno or organic house, his legacy in the city is defined by his high-octane performances and an unparalleled ability to engage and connect with the crowd. Notorious for pushing boundaries into nonexistence, Dan has crafted a career out of fusing together his many worlds in seamless and syncopated harmony.

  • Ben Tov

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Not one to pigeonhole himself into one style, Ben Tov traverses the BPM's and moods, and focuses on telling a story through progression with his melodic, sets and productions. Ben Tov can be regularly found locked away in his studio, jamming together ideas and carving out his deep signature analog synth-lines and grooves for his next upcoming release. With a slew of releases already under his belt, and constant releases on labels such as Katz and Kautz and Deeplomatic. His latest release on Harabe Recordings Nightmares compiled by Elif hit the Beatport charts.